Batch Processing

Early computers were capable of running only one program at a time. The team had to control the machine for a scheduled period of time. Our team is having expertise in this area to full automation by using latest technologies.

Nowadays each application is generation large amount of data and Batch applications are still critical to use that data in most organizations While online systems can also function when manual intervention is not desired, they are not typically optimized to perform high-volume, repetitive tasks. Therefore, we are giving a high-level optimized solution with batch applications for updating information at the end of the day, generating reports, printing documents, and other non-interactive tasks that must complete reliably within certain business deadlines.

We Provide the Scheduling for Notification, data load, Data transformation, VAP, ETL, job monitoring. MQ Management.

Technology Stack: Spring Batch, Cron Job, Oracle Batch, AutoSys Batch, JIL, Kafka, RabitMQ, Scoop, Hadoop data processing.