Cyber security

Cybersecurity is important for you because the government, corporate, military, medical organizations and financial institutes collect, store and process a large amount of data on the computer system and other different devices. That data may be sensitive, whether that be financial data, intellectual property, personal information, or any other type of data for which unauthorized or unidentified access could risk the assets of the company. Organizations send or receive sensitive or private data across networks and to other devices while engaged in businesses, and cybersecurity is responsible for protecting that data or information in the systems used to process or store it.

As the power and kind of cyber-attacks grow, companies and organizations, especially those who are assigned to safeguard information related to national security, financial records, or health need to take immediate steps to protect their sensitive business and personnel information.

To make sure comprehensive security of business from external and internal cyber-attacks, all levels should be protected ranging from the plant management to the field level and from the control of access to copy protection. That's why Govindam Infosoft solutions to comprehensive protection offer defence throughout all levels.

Four Security Components

Govindam Infosoft Cyber security depends on Four Security Components

Managed Firewall

24/7 managed network security, it acts as an essential perimeter wall for your business, portion prevents hackers from destroying or grabbing data.

E-Mail Security

Scan e-mails for spams and also captures malicious code before it breaks into your network to help keep phishing and ransomware scams off your network.


Make your firewall’s defence mobile through virtual individual network connectivity to the office for travelling workers or remote.

watch dog

Know that we are continuously preserving your business from the current threats and that Govindam Infosoft is immediately available if an incident occurs.